Friday, April 13, 2012

DVD Book Covers

From tutorial at Hydrangea Girl. She made covers for books, but I like seeing the many and varied spines of my books on my shelves. I don't, however, like the way DVDs (and, yes, VHS tapes, I still have some) look, so I thought I'd use her idea for covering my movies. I only have these 7 DVDs with me at the moment, and they were all selected as being things I've watched enough times that I can put them on for background noise while I'm knitting. But since I like the way these look, when I'm reunited with the rest of our media I can start to cover the rest.

I chose black for the Friends collections because I knew I'd be able to get more black later to cover other seasons of Friends, but might not be able to get exact matches if I used another colour. All of the Friends collections and the Match Game collection slide out through the back, so those covers are folded in at the back, making the DVDs themselves just as accessible. The Back to the Future trilogy slides out through the bottom, so again easily accessible. For Finding Nemo, it's a regular DVD case, so I used double-sided tape to attach the 'dust jacket' to the case. Means that the DVD is still accessible but if I later decide to discard these 'dust jackets' I won't have ruined the case by permanently attaching it. I used silver instead of gold simply because I don't like gold.

It's not a fast process, but I'm really pleased with the outcome. I can just picture how much better our whole collection of movies will look with these covers.

*About a week after making these, I remembered that I have an Excel document that's a list of all the movies we own, so that when I'm stuck in bed sick and want to watch a movie, I don't have to squat down and rifle through the movies themselves to remember what we have, I can just look at the list and decide from that. So even though the DVDs themselves aren't with me, I could make some more of the covers. This makes the paper easier to store because it's in more manageable sizes (being already cut down), and gave me a little something fun to do. Though, I believe I went a little overboard on "publisher's marks" for the 5 latest I did (I also did Serenity, but had already taken this picture), I'll have to be careful to make myself be subtle. I used the Finding Nemo case as a template for where the folds should go for these.

(even if I am patting myself on the back, I'm quite pleased with my Hitchcock silhouette)

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